New Observing Tradition?

A member of my astronomy club(RASC Toronto Centre), has on every Halloween night (weather permitting) brought one of his telescopes out on to his driveway and gives trick or treaters who come to his house a look trough the telescope. I always thought this was a neat tradition and a good out reach activity.

Well I thought about doing my own kind of similar thing so I brought my PST (Personal Solar Telescope) to the beach at the cottage on the Canada Day long weekend, and it was a big hit.
I had 15 people look through it and they were all amazed at what they were looking at.
What really impressed me was that every one of them wanted to know if it was safe to look through the scope at the sun (I guess the message is getting out about looking at the sun without proper protection) so I reassured them that it was safe and looked through the scope myself first to align the sun and then let them look through it.

I think I will start bringing it to the beach more often now. And hopefully start a new observing tradition.

This is a picture of a flare I tried to take through the telescope by holding a digtal camera to the eyepiece.