My First DSI/LX200R Images Send Shock Waves Through Astro Imaging World!!

I didn't think they were that good but look at all what happened after the images were circulated.Ok don't panic, Paul didn't shave his head, I am exaggerating a little, but the fun you can have with MS Publisher.

April 28, 2006: First Kind of Serious Attempt at Imaging with New 8" LX200R Scope at the CAO

Well this past Friday I decided to go up to our club's observatory
(CAO) and try some imaging with my new scope. I figured this would be a good time due to the fact that 4 of our clubs better imagers would be there(great for assistance since I am just getting into Astrophotography) and also the weather prospects were very good.

Equipment I was using Meade 8" LX200R with a DSI and 6.3 focal reducer.

I set up my scope in the Alt-Az configuration to simplify things by not having to go through a polar alignment routine.
I planned to image M51 and M13 and started with M51.

I was saving the images just as jpegs since I didn't want to bother with processing yet.

My first try at M51 and a jet flew through the picture.
I tried another with this result, I am figuring that my exposure times are not long enough .

My third attempt the camera hit the fork and the telescope stopped tracking. Hence a picture not worth posting. ( actually most of my pictures are not worth posting)

Since M51 got to high in the sky for me to image in the Alt Az mode, I decided to give Jupiter a
try. I know I need to change the f ratio and add a barlow but since the scope was focused I thought I would take a shot.

So onward to M13, I let the camera stack about 50,15 second exposures. And here is what I got.I took another shot and decided to save every image as FITS so I can "Stretch"( new word I learned from the imaging crew that was present) the best images, and then stack them, and hopefully improve the image. I will post that one when its done, and if there is an improvement....don't hold your breath.

I just want to thank Deitmar, Steff, Joel and Paul who are some of the best imagers in our club for all their assistance and tips they gave me that night. By no means do my results have anything to do with their advice, just check out some of their excellent images at these web sites.



Well its a start and hopefully my images will improve with practice and time.