More Imaging from Deanlea Beach Observatory

Well I tried some more imaging on June 25th while at the cottage.
And I think one of my better shots was of M27, I just let the camera and software do its thing and here is the unprocessed result.
I tried again for M51 and M13 but with lackluster results so they are not worth showing.


Imaging Attempt June 17th 2006

Location- Cottage

Above is a result of an imaging attempt at M57

Equipment 8"LX200R F 6.3 Meade DSI Camera, in alt Az mode approximately 52 images @ 15 seconds.

Here is an attempt at M51 same equipment as above but with longer exposures.

I am still getting a bit of feild rotation, so I think I sould be trying to select stars at a greatter distance on the image for the software to stop rotation better, or I should start trying to image in polar alignment. Also I think I should start saving all the images as fitts so I can process each picture before stacking. I am still using the DSI sofware to stack and save the images as jpegs .